Friday, April 17, 2015


Gosh It has been awhile since Birdy or I blogged, and I am so sorry about that. We hope to get better at keeping up a schedule!

Our family has been on vacation in the Rainforest, and it has been so amazing and beautiful.. very wet though.. guess that is why they call it the rainforest huh?

There are tons of nature around us, and anyone that knows me, knows I love anything with wings. Fairies and Butterflies being my two favorites. Welp, in the rainforest I have found so many butterflies, but everytime I would go to catch one, Momma, Daddy or my Aunt and Uncle had something that the family needed to do. (not complaining just 'splaining) .. but this morning I got up before anyone else, and got dressed in this cute outfit I found at the la boutique Event from {Blubb} created by my friend Jennah. (Who is amazing btw!)

And went on a butterfly hunt.. and I finally caught one!
Isn't it so pretty? Like this bright glowing blue color. I thought about getting a jar and putting it in there to take it home with me, but then I realized butterflies aren't meant to be kept in Jars, they are meant to fly around and make things beautiful. So I let it go.. I hope I see it again before we leave.
I smell breakfast cooking and my tummy is grumbling.. so I am gonna go eat. I hope to talk to you guys soon!

What I am wearing -
Outfit -{Blubb} Lily in Green ~
Shoes - {Lil Big Me} Pranks & Toddleedoo Clothing - Hana Sandals
Hair - Magika - Things
Pose Prop - On Marketplace Little Butterfly
Flying Butterflies - Marketplace Store - FD Decor - Dainty Butterflies - Large

I will blog again soon! - Scouts Honor!
Abby <3

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