Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Let's do the Charleston

Ohai Everyone,

I got an invite to my cousin's family birthday party and when I seen the theme I was a little unsure. I mean a twenties themed tea party was hard 'nuff to dress for, but her theme was Vintage 1920 tea & BSB party.

After my 'nitial shock. I realized I was gonna hafta pick either Vintage or BSB.. so I chose vintage. I thought it was gonna be so hard to find something perfect to wear, but it wasn't at all.

First stop Little Closet. Noel Button creates such cute clothes. Some have that vintage look too them and I found the perfect dress there. (Btw, Noel makes cute houses too at Dust Bunny).

Okay dress picked out! Done.. Now, hair. I like to collect hairs, so I was sure I had one that would work... I just needed to find it and I did. Dura makes some of the cutest hairs (baby hair too) and they made the perfect hair that will work for twenties vintage style.  After going to a couple more stores and digging through my inventory closet.. (believe me, its gross in there and smells like dirty socks) I was all ready.
The party was so much fun.. and BSB themselves performed! Well, we were able to 'magine they did.
Cause my cousin Payton made cut outs of the whole band.

My cousin Riley was so happy, and she deserves to smile lots!

I will be talking to you soon <3 Have a fun rest of the week!
Abby <3

What I'm wearing...
Bow - Big bow hairband Dollarbie - .::Y&R::. (Marketplace)
Collar  - Vintage Dress - Collar - Little Closet
Necklace -  Beaded Necklace (outfit Fancy Fox)  - Forever Young
Hair - Hairstyle 31- Tinted red - Dura
dress - Delicate Dress - Floral/Cream - Little Closet
Shoes - Mary Jane - Classic White Sugar -Kick the Can
Pose - Little Diva 5
freckles - sweetie freckles- BunBun
blush - [:T:] Rosy cheeks 2 - TULI

Monday, May 4, 2015

My MaggieMae

Ohai Friends!

This is my dog Maggie Mae. She is one of my bestest friends. I tell her all my secrets and she never ever tells anyone. She is mine only so I hafta take her for walks, bathe her, and clean up her accidents *wrinkles my nose*.

It was so pretty and warm outside yesterday, I decided to take Maggie for a long walk. (Maggie is my nickname for MaggieMae, in case I confused you by calling her Maggie)

Maggie ran all over the yard, stopping to sniff at every flower, chased every butterfly.  She wore me out and it wasn't long before she wore herself out too..
She has this favorite spot in like a valley of flowers. And if she is ever missing, that is always where I find her! So when she ran off, I knew exactly where to find her.  And sure 'nuff, there she was laying in the middle of the field of flowers. She looked some comfortable, I decided it would be nice and relaxing to just sit here for a little while, to rest before going back home. BUT I fell asleep!

I am so glad there were no monsters around, you know the purple kind, the one that eats kids? Maggie protected me really good. That is probably why the purple monster didn't eat me up or anything. I am supposed to clean my room before Momma and Daddy get home ( I think I clean my room a gazillion times a week)

What I am wearing ~

Tank ~ . tiptoes - Rawr - Grey ~ . tiptoes
Wrap around sweater ~ . tiptoes ~ . tiptoes
Socks ~ Bad Seed
Hair ~ /Wasabi Pills/ Sugar Rush Mesh Hair - Rouge ~Wasabi Pills
Boots ~ ~ Juliette.Boots @ COLLABOR88
MaggieMae ~ Zooby Ultimate Black Lab ~  Zooby Pet & animals

I also wanted to share with you, how very blessed I am to have such an amazing little sister. Yesterday was her adoptionversary, we had a blast!  My awesome Sissymine, I love you <3 And I am so glad you chose our family to be yours! <3

I hope everyone has a great day!
Hugs & Kisses
Abby <3