Sunday, March 8, 2015

Oh you know .. just kids.

Whoa I just realized that Birdy and I haven't done a blog post in like forever. I am so sorry for that, things just got crazy. But we are back and just in time to show you something tons of fun!

I am sure a ton of you know Marianne McCann, well she has had a store named You Know, For Kids. And she made this foam bat and ball that is so much fun! You can smack your siblings over the head with the foam bat.. all you have to do is walk into them, and throw the foam balls at them in mouselook.. and it doesn't even hurt!.
I wanted to show my sissy Birdy how it worked, but for some reason she didn't trust me... she took off runnin.. sometimes I forget she is only 6, and I am 8. And she is still a scaredy cat.

I better go.. I think I see momma, she might not understand I was just trying to SHOW sissy something. Not really chasing her or anything :)

Make sure you check out You Know, For Kids  I know the name says for kids but its really for all ages, tons of  New and Retro Toys and Novelties. Promise you, it is not a waste of time.

What Birdy and I are wearing...

Outfit:  Mena Outfit ~ Petite Bowtique
Hair:   Bambi ~ D!VA

Shirt:   ::FY::  Kitty Sweater Darks (10 pk) ~ Forever young
Skirt:      Kids : Jumper Denim Skirt ~ No Shade on Marketplace
Shoes:   White sneakers from Nerdy - Birdy ~  Forever Young
Hair:   Bambi ~ D!VA
Skinned Knees:  Ouchies and Oopsies TD APPLIER- Biking Accident RARE  Just Kidding

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