Thursday, January 29, 2015

What better than a War Turtle?

War Turtle!

In keeping with Abby's theme, what better companion to have when fighting zombies than a War Turtle?! They're quicker than the average tortoise and come equipped with saddle, reigns, and some sharp spikes in case one of those zombies tries to sneak up from the side or behind!

Act quick! They're selling now at The Fantasy Collective! They come in sizes for male, female, kids, AND mermaid (seriously!). Toddleedoos, they're designed for regular kid avatars, but have no fear! If you make a copy of your shape, then increase the "Hover" slider, it will work perfectly for you too! (you "wear" the turtle, so if you don't increase the slider, the turtle will be in the ground - just add the shape to the turtle folder!)

Most of what I'm wearing is not currently for sale. This post is allll about the turtle! Find it at The Fantasy Collective here. If you don't make it by Feb. 13th, you might still be able to purchase it at sh0rtie Resident's store, SWaGGa, here. I wouldn't take any chances though!

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