Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sunflowers and Sunshine!

Very soon, it's going to be getting cooler and the leaves will be changing beautiful colors. I love the calmness I feel in the fall and winter seasons, but the spring and summer are so happy and I will miss that too. I saw a picture of a little girl and her mom in a sunflower field today that represented that summer happiness so well that I wanted to recreate it in SL. I knew I wouldn't have the talent to make the pose though, so I just Plurked the pic. Upon doing so, however, my wonderful and thoughtful cousin, Belle Elizabeth Swann-Oleander, offered to make the pose for my mom and I ♥ She did such an amazing job too! And so quickly! I am so, so appreciative! ♥ I think the windlight did well showing the transition between end of summer and very beginning of fall. Here is the result:
Sunflowers and happiness ♥
And closer up:
Sunflowers and happiness-closerup ♥
One day, I'll get better at this blogging thing and will add more details of what I'm wearing, etc. But for now, it's just pics! And the fact that you gain knowledge on who makes wonderful poses :) You can visit her Marketplace store here: ..Lovely Dear Poses..}

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