Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ohai! I'm Abby, my sister is Birdy, and this is our blog.

My sister and I have been wanting to have a blog for months now. We heard about Miss Berry's Second Life Yearbook, and we figured it would the best *first blog* post for us. Our Momma, Alicia, taught us how to smile in pictures without making our eyes are squishy or make us look mad.

I made a shape just for pictures. And opened my eyes a bit when I smiled. It works perfect. Mothers are pretty smart people, huh?

So I am gonna introduce myself with my yearbook picture.

My name is Abby (Mcdonnagh) Zanzibar, I have been in Second Life for going on 8 years. And I RP an 8 year old kid too. I love to explore and find new things to do.
I also love clothes (but not all frilly clothes), shopping, and I LOVE to build. I have a store called Sassafras Kids for about 6 years, it is closed now, but hopefully will be opening back up soon. I have an amazing family which I am sure you guys will hear lots about, because I tend to ramble a lot when I write. LOL.

My sister and I hope you guys like our blog, as much as we like doing it.  We hope to tell you about not only clothes and stuff, but events, places to explore, games, toys and furniture.  Sometimes we might just tell you about our day, or even do an editorial or two.

Stayed tuned for my sister Birdy's Yearbook picture, she should be introducing herself soon!

In this picture.

Hair: C424 hair / maroon Tram
Skin & Lips: Harley Pink Fuel
Glasses: 01 VCO
Eyes: Hope Eyes IKON
Jewelry: Love Me Tender Musical Locket & Earrings Earthstones
Hair Bow: From the Abigail Outfit Baby Pie
Clothing: ::FY:: Kitty Sweater (darks) Forever Young