Sunday, November 29, 2015

It is a balancing Act.

Hey everyone!

Yep I am alive lol. I think *pinches myself* yep.. that hurt!

There is a store closing its door in Second Life, and I know you guys have heard of it. It is called Little Closet. Right now EVERYTHING in the store is 50L. Not sure how long the closing sell is going to last.. but hurry and run and buy her store out, her stuff is totally cute and perfect for Toddleedoo's! Most stuff is for kids and baby TD.

This whole outfit I am wearing came from Little Closet.

Tshirt, Jeans and wrap around shirt ~ Little Closet
Hair - E817 hair / brown (size40) ~ Tram

Get all the clothes! Then you will have 'nuff allowance left over for adorable Tram hair!

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